Nespresso Coffee Pods Bianco Leggero 1 x 10Pk


Indulge yourself with Bianco Leggero, inspired by the baristas of Brooklyn, who love the natural sweetness of coffee and try to preserve it. To achieve this, we chose Arabicas from Indonesia and Kenya and applied a uniquely light roast, to create a long cup with smooth, decadent notes of caramel and sweet biscuit when combined with milk.

To find the right fit, we didn’t hold back in testing plenty of coffees from different countries of origin. We discovered that not all coffees interact well with milk. But fine Kenyan Arabica does, and we selected it to be part of the BIANCO LEGGERO blend. It’s known for its beautiful balance of citrus acidity and deep juicy fruit notes.



Pack size: 10pk

Units per case: 1


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