Niven Distribution has been working around the clock to supply households with essential needs, especially in this difficult time where persons are not able to leave their homes. Customers are able to visit our website, place orders and have their products delivered to their doors.

We’ve had to adapt to this new environment and think on our feet as much as possible in order to keep up with demands.

Before this pandemic, we were pretty much just a wholesale company to the hospitality industry and selling a very small portion of our item lines to supermarkets. Since then, we’ve done our best (with the stock we have on hand) to help as much as possible and offer what we can in light of the supermarkets being somewhat and understandably overwhelmed. We thought this would be a nice and easy alternative to offer to everyone in need of some basic supplies.

We’ve even put grocery boxes with ready-to-order items in retail quantities, to make it shopping more easy and convenient for customers.

We will be continuing this service online, for all boxes and individual retail items even after the awful situation is over, as we do believe that it’s a service Barbados can utilise and is needed.

We will also be launching our online retail supermarket in May 2020. Stay tuned for more details on this fantastic new side of Niven.

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