We are getting there!

As we all start to wake up from hibernation, we must be thankful that flights, tourism, and global economies are slowly starting to resume as the world opens back up for business.

Our island relies so heavily on tourism and I know just how many businesses and individuals have been affected over the last few months. But with careful planning and protocols in place, we can start returning to normality while still guarding against COVID-19. Which unfortunately seems like something that is not going away in a hurry. We must learn to adapt and live with this virus for the time being.

Already this month we have started to welcome back our business customers and I’m delighted to see many restaurants and bars starting to open their doors once again. Niven Distribution is here to support you as needed and I encourage all our business customers to sign-up for one of our online wholesale accounts. Where you can view case prices and place orders, the same as our retail site.

Our online retail store is going from strength to strength with truly overwhelming growth and positive feedback. I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome Kiyuana Rhooms as our new online retail manager. She is now helping fine-tune the operation and making sure customer service and satisfaction is our number one priority. We’re also in the process of having an onsite walk-in commercial freezer installed and just about to take delivery of new freezer trucks. Both of which will help speed up our delivery process and help grow our infrastructure of this new venture.

We have lots of new products for you to enjoy arriving in August, which can be viewed in our ‘new products’ category. Personally, I think the most exciting will be our new ‘pet store’ brining in quality, yet affordable dog and cat foods, medical supplies, and treats!

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Take care, stay safe and healthy and as always feel free to drop me a message directly should you need anything at


Harrison Niven

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