Niven Distribution is a newly formed company which started trading in 2019. The two directors are Andrew Niven and his son Harrison Niven.

Andrew has over 40 years experience as a director of what is now part of a UK National Real Estate Network. His New Build Construction company APC Homes built houses and Blocks of Flats in both Hampshire and Dorset. In the USA the company built a sub division of houses in Florida near Disney that was the first to be zoned for the flourishing short term holiday rental market. Andrew has been involved in the Wholesale Business in the Caribbean and in particular Barbados for the past 12 years.

Harrison left his UK catering business to join the company as a director and head of operations in Barbados.

“We have worked hard to create a young and enthusiastic sales team under my new head of sales Junior Phillips who have been introducing both new and established products into the Barbados Hotel, Restaurant and General Catering Industry, ¬†including all of the main island supermarkets. We try and work with local companies wherever possible and when importing products we concentrate on quality and value. Recently we have introduced new lines of replacement single plastic and styrofoam products that meet all the government requirements and certification and complements our Niven Eco Business that collects old cooking oils and offers a grease trap cleaning service. We are proud of our admin offices, warehouse and drivers who all contribute to the company being able to offer Barbados an efficient and reliable supply service. Please do not hesitate to call me at any time if I can be of assistance”.

All of the Niven Distribution product range is on display on this web site plus there is a separate page and form should you wish to find out more about the Niven Eco business.

We look forward to continuing to be of service to Barbados and to help  maintain the islands green and clean policies, shared very much by ourselves.

Where We Are Located

Offering Quality Products At The Very Best Prices

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Offering Quality Products

Niven wholesale offers good quality products and competitive pricing from local companies as well as importing from Europe and principally the UK. We also trade with Caribcom countries and currently buy from Antigua and Trinidad.

We supply the hotel, restaurant and supermarket trades. We also supply smaller convenience stores, catering companies, garages and rum shops throughout the island.